Jordan Pickford challenge on Virgil Van Dijk will not bring retrospective punishment

The FA determined that the incident took place in consultation with match officials, including VR.

When Pickford was caught in the first half, the Liverpool defender suffered a severe leg injury.

The injury is likely to keep him out for at least six months and possibly the rest of the season.

The FA has the power to intervene even if the decision is seen, but it is only used in exceptional circumstances.

Obviously, these conditions do not apply at this time.

Liverpool manager George Klopp has refused to set a time scale for Van Dijk’s recovery but says he will be out “for a long time”, with a history of surgery yet to be arranged.

“Some things are clear, so he’ll be out for a while now, that’s clear,” Klopp said. “I expected a lot more from him immediately after the game on Saturday, especially when I saw the challenge back. I saw it for the first time only from the bench, and when I saw it back. It was clear he would be out for a long time

“So we feel very, very sorry for him right now because most of us have been in a similar situation and we know that this situation is very trashy.

“You don’t need it. You don’t need it but you have to go through it and Virgil will be 100 percent of it, and today is the first day, if you want, of recovery.”

Klopp also said that he has been in touch with the Dutch, who are doing “OK”, and that the club is ready to do everything possible to help the defense during his recovery.

On Monday, Mercy Side police said they were investigating offensive tweets aimed at Pickford and Everton forward Richard Lesson, who was sent to challenge Thego Alcantara.

“The language used in the tweets is completely unacceptable and we are taking these reports very seriously,” police said in a statement.
Fabinho crossed a distance that Van Dijk was about to try to control when Pitchford flew off the first leg and the defender’s right leg was caught in a scissor-like motion. Van Dijk was in immediate pain.

As Van Dijk was being treated, VR noted that it was investigating a “possible fine.” In the end, it couldn’t be fined because Van Dyke was off side. Referee Michael Oliver gave Everton a free kick, Van Dijk dropped the pitch, and the game continued.

Confusion over possible punishment
Initially, there was confusion about how the Pickford Challenge was assessed.

There was a theory that no action could be taken because of the decision to go beyond that. However, if it could have avoided the penalty, it would not have prevented Pickford from being shown a red card.

Obviously, neither Oliver nor the VAR seemed suitable for such a punishment.

The VAR can only intervene in crimes it deems fit for a red card. If, for example, they felt that Pixford had made a real effort to play the ball – and Oliver had not seen the event at all – it would have been just a yellow card.

However, he could have asked Oliver to re-watch the incident on a pitch-side monitor.

The FA cannot refer incidents
The football association still has the power to take prior action on match events that officials do not see, not through the VAR. However, he did not want to take the situation back to the referee, which has caused controversy in the past.

A prime example of this was in March 2013, when Wagon columnist McMahon caught Newcastle’s Masadeo Hadara with a formidable challenge at the DW Stadium.

Hydra was disbanded, but since an official has looked into the matter, no further action can be taken, although most observers believe it deserves a red card.

Newcastle Managing Director Derek Lilambias later said the FA’s disciplinary action was “not the right thing to do.”

In theory, VAR should not miss any event. However, as proved in the first game of ‘Project Restart’ when Sheffield United denied a goal at Easton Villa when VAR failed to find out if goal line technology had failed. Sometimes even the most basic mistakes can happen.

Mark Halsey, former Premier League referee, talks on Radio 5 Live

Puckford is a clear challenge to Van Dyck who puts a player at risk with too much power and should have been considered sent. The red card should have been issued.

It can only tell us why it lost the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Board).

Surprisingly, the statement came out that they did not recognize it as a red card, a serious bad game challenge. I’m surprised.